• Launch of Arepa Coin VE

    A crypto for all

    Arepacoin VE aims to recognize our Venezuelan bread,
    the food par excellence of our country.

  • Mining PoW / PoS & Trade

    Investment 3% per year

    For the enjoyment of all Venezuelans and foreigners
    with a trading flavor generating daily income.

  • Strategic plan 2018

    The new Arepa of the future

Why choose Arepacoin

Because of the importance implied by its PoS mining with sustainable profits of 3% per year
with low inflation.

Peer to Peer security

It is totally decentralized from the system.

App Android

Available Android Wallet
Lightweight and fast.

At a lower cost than traditional payments, international transactions with greater coverage.


Specialized group of developers and as a whole a community with your great support.


Developer and publicist.

Pelón Alvarez

Advanced programmer, developer, advanced network systems.

Elpidio Moreno

Advanced developer in cryptos.

Gabriel Lara

Computing computer, publicist and developer.